The gallery and the dining room in the main residency space.

The gallery and the dining room in the main residency space.

Drop Forge & Tool’s Creative Residencies are open to artists of all disciplines, backgrounds, and skill levels, who seek time and space away from their daily lives to focus on their creative process. We are located in the city of Hudson, NY in an older residential neighborhood, about a mile from the city center, and two miles from the Amtrak Station.  

Our emphasis is on collaborative process and new work development.  We prioritize residency applications as follows:

1) Collaborative Group: A group of two or more artists looking to do concentrated collaborative work on a project.

2) Co-working Group: A group of two or more artists who are not collaborating, but would like to share residency time and space together.

3) Individual Artist : One artist willing to share the residency space with another artist (or two).

Residencies are available for varied lengths of time, from just a few days to maximum of 3 weeks.  

For those artists who would like an opportunity to show work in progress, we offer to host a performance or open studio as time and scheduling allow.

The residency fee for our main residency space is $300/week (or $50/day if under 6 days) to cover our direct costs, and includes basic breakfast supplies and one dinner per week with the directors. The fee can be split among multiple residents.  We reserve a few spaces each residency period for artists who do not have funding and cannot afford the fee.

Residents are responsible for taking care of the residency space, doing basic household chores (like cleaning and taking out the trash), and helping with seasonal work like snow shoveling or gardening where possible.

We are open year-round and are currently taking applications for:

Fall 2017 (Sept thru Dec) - submittable form due 5/15/17



(You can preview the application HERE but you must fill out an application online through submittable to apply.)

Collaborators should designate one person to fill out the application on the group’s behalf.

If you have any questions about the Residency Application, please email us at

About the main residency space:

  • Private two-bedroom ground floor apartment with large common spaces, fully furnished and recently renovated. For more photos of the space check out our Airbnb listing here: .

  • Bedrooms include one with a double bed and one with two twins. We also have a pull-out couch and air mattresses, to accommodate larger groups.

  • Common spaces include: comfortably furnished living room with TV (and pull out couch), dining room with a table that can seat 6 to 10 people, large kitchen and open gallery space configurable for studio work.

  • Access to high-speed Internet and in-house laundry.

  • Recently tuned piano!

About the attic workshop space:

  • 1000 sq ft open workshop space with 14 ft ceiling

  • Removable cushioned floor for movement work

  • Utility sink

  • Full bath and small extra bedroom

  • Microwave, mini-fridge and electric kettle

About new residency spaces opening in fall of 2017

  • 4 - 5 new bedroom / workspaces
  • 1 large common room and full kitchen
  • 2 baths


Attic Workshop

The Bengsons perform in the attic workshop. Photo by Marc Scrivo

The Bengsons perform in the attic workshop. Photo by Marc Scrivo